Teaching & Consulting


[First image is a tower at Iowa State University. Second image is a southeastern Asian woman speaking at a conference. Third image is the same Asian woman conducting enzyme immunoassay.]

I developed and taught an undergraduate course on Human Sexuality at Iowa State University in 2017-2018. My average student evaluation was 4.48/5.00. Here is a copy of my syllabus.

I guest lectured in an undergraduate honor's course on enzyme immunoassays protocols and procedures, in undergraduate courses on neurodiversity-affirmative approaches in research and practice, and in a graduate grant writing course on writing training grants.

I am interested in teaching a wide range of courses: developmental psychology, adolescent development, family systems, human sexuality, developmental disabilities, hormones and behaviors, statistics, and research methods.


I consulted graduate students and post-doctorals in scholarly and professional writing in the Center for Communication Excellence at Iowa State University for over 4 years. 

Writing consultations included job application materials, manuscripts, conference abstracts, intramural and extramural grant applications, theses, and dissertations.

Consultation Service

I have 10+ years of combined experiences in the skills listed below (see bulleted list) and am offering consultation service to anyone who needs to bounce off ideas before making a professional pitch. My service is currently free and open to anyone with any background. Priority will be placed for those from minoritized or disadvantaged backgrounds (i.e., racially and ethnically minoritized individuals, indigenous scholars, LGBTQIA+, non-citizen scholars/workers, women, disabled, neurodivergent, low-to-middle income). For more information, contact me by email at jmphan@jennymaiphan.com.

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