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[First image is a tower at Iowa State University. Second image is a southeastern Asian woman speaking at a conference. Third image is the same Asian woman conducting enzyme immunoassay.]

I developed and taught an undergraduate course on Human Sexuality at Iowa State University in 2017-2018. My average student evaluation was 4.48/5.00. Here is a copy of my syllabus.

I guest lectured in an undergraduate honor's course on enzyme immunoassays protocols and procedures and in a graduate grant writing course on writing training grants.

I am interested in teaching a wide range of courses: developmental psychology, adolescent development, family systems, human sexuality, developmental disabilities, hormones and behaviors, statistics, and research methods.


I consulted graduate students and post-doctorals in scholarly and professional writing in the Center for Communication Excellence at Iowa State University for over 4 years.

Writing consultations included job application materials, manuscripts, conference abstracts, intramural and extramural grant applications, theses, and dissertations.

Consultation Service

I have 10+ years of combined experiences in the skills listed below (see bulleted list) and am offering consultation service to anyone who needs to bounce off ideas before making a professional pitch. My service is currently free and open to anyone with any background. Priority will be placed for those from minoritized or disadvantaged backgrounds (i.e., BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, non-citizen scholars/workers, women, disabled, neurodivergent, low-to-middle income). For more information, contact me by email at jmphan@jennymaiphan.com.

  • educational consulting

  • technical writing

  • grant writing

  • peer-reviewed journal article writing

  • content strategy

  • conference proposals

  • presentations

  • research design

  • survey design

  • data collection and analysis

  • curriculum vitae and resume

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